We’ve built our restaurant, AJ Main Street, several years ago in order to offer you only the very best Texas barbecues. Ever since the first branch was established, we have gained success due to your continued patronage. We have also made it our mission to ensure your satisfaction and provide you with great customer experience.

So far, we have been receiving lots of good feedback and interests from you, our clients. You have indicated your love for our Texas barbecues and other dishes that we offer. Since you want us to offer improved service, now we are giving you what you want, we are offering an online ordering system and delivery service so that you can throw barbecue parties in your own homes or bring our barbecues to your events.

This is the reason why we have created this website. We want you to experience our online services and deliveries. Rest assured that our barbecues will definitely be great not just for your parties and events but also to serve as meals for your family and friends when you just want to chill out and relax. Try out our various types of meats and barbecues now. There is no reason not to when we now offer deliveries to make it more convenient for you.

This online type of service has been lingering in our mind for a long time and thanks to our dearest customers, we finally tried to make it happen. Now, our business is becoming more and more huge in this industry. It is also a great way of introducing our restaurant to those people who love barbecues and are still not familiar with us. We hope through this website and our restaurants, we’ve given you the chance to take advantage of the best Texas barbecue and enjoy them with whoever you want.