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Hello! Welcome to AJ Main Street, your source for the best barbecues in Texas! Many people love barbecues and we cannot deny that it’s one of the great meals out there. Throwing barbecue parties in our backyards, front yards or even in front of our custom garage door in Tucson obviously showcase how much we all love barbecues. Of course, Texas is known for having the best barbecues in the United States. But sometimes, grilling barbecues can be a hit and miss. Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect taste and ingredients for a great barbecue. We cannot deny how a simple barbecue recipe and a mild mistake in the grilling or cooking can affect the party we throw. So how do we create perfect barbecues? Do we really want to slave away at the grill and not enjoy the party? What if we can just sit back, relax and enjoy the barbecues we can order from AJ Main Street? AJ Main Street started as a barbecue restaurant in Houston, Texas. We serve simply the best Texas barbecue in town. Since our business became a hit because of our great barbecues, we now have many branches in the entire state of Houston. Our dishes and barbecues are well marinated and perfectly grilled. We make sure our barbecues are juicy, tasty and tender so that all you have to do is enjoy our meats. Because of our great recipes, a lot of people have been coming to our restaurants and we have been receiving many warm feedback not just on our barbecues but also on our fast and efficient service. With this website, you now have the option to not just enjoy barbecues in our restaurant or pick it up for a to-go order. Now you can order online. Just click on our Contact Us page, fill up the order form or send us an email. We have real-time customer service agents monitoring our website who will be happy to take your orders. Plus, we are happy to give out our recipes so that you can create barbecue masterpieces right in your own home. If you want to try out our recipes, you will definitely not regret it as they are sure to result in great-tasting Texas barbecues. But of course, for worry-free parties, just order from AJ Main Street for great tasting, high quality and affordable barbecues that will definitely be the star of your party. Feel free to find any barbecue dishes you would like on our menu page. If you are also curious about our restaurants, you can visit us anytime in various places in Houston. If you are not sure where to find a branch nearest you, feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to see you in any of our branches and try out the various types of barbecues we offer. It will be nice to come along with friends or family for a better experience here at AJ Main Street!

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